Pako Festa annually showcases an incredible selection of foods from all around the world.

From the international kitchen, we are pleased to present fresh and fabulous cuisine from our local cultural communities including Greek souvlaki, Russian pancakes, Maori Hangi, Filipino skewers, and traditional Macedonian pastries.

There will also be many additional food vans complementing the festival offerings, including Gozeleme, Timboon Ice Cream, Sri Lankan Food, Japanese food, Sri Lankan Food Iced Teas and a Chocolate Fountain.

If you haven’t tried some of these foreign cuisines before – now is your chance to dine like you’re on a world trip. And for those with more conservative taste, or for the children – you’ll find plenty of options from hot potatoes to salads, slices, pies and pastries.

Local popular Pako food traders will also be open to tantalise your tastebuds, including 63 Degrees, Two Sugars, Box Office, Tulip and Nordenfine Ice Cream, just to name a few.

The cultural delights available from our local cultural communities in 2017 include:

Russian: Blini (pancakes), Piroshki (potato and meat), Golubtsi (cabbage rolls) and cakes.

Filipino: Popular “Inihaw” (Pork skewers) are back for the 35th year at Pako Festa.

Indonesian: Rendang, Chicken Curry, Cap cay (vegetarian stir Fry), Curry Puffs and Chicken Satay.

Macedonian: Kebapi: Mince meat skinless sausages, Cabbage salad, Pastries: Cheese and Spinach, plus a selection of Traditional Macedonian Sweets.

Croatian: Chevapi Rolls, Raznjici Roll (diced pork with herbs and spices), Cabbage Rolls and a selection of Traditional Cakes and Sweet Pancakes.

Greek: Lamb Souvlaki and traditional Greek sweets, including Baklava.

Maori: Hangi- food is traditionally steamed in the ground, 4 meats, chicken, beef, lamb & pork, plus potato, sweet potato, pumpkin, stuffing-bread, cabbage and steamed pudding.

Serbian Youth: Homemade Pastries filled with cheese, meat & onion and a sweet version with cherries. Cevapi & kransky in bread rolls. Cabbage rolls filled with meat stuffing. And for something sweet, Baklava and Serbian Donuts.

Serbian Parish: Cevape – spicy skinless sausages, Gibanica – Filo pastry.

Bosnian: Ćevapi – Skinless sausages and Pita – Pie with either meat, cheese or, cheese and spinach.

Croatian: Cevape – spicy skinless sausages, Raznjici – diced pork with traditional herbs and spices both served in bread rolls with onion and a cabbage salad. Sarma – minced meat with rice herbs and spices, wrapped in pickled cabbage leaves. Traditional cakes – packs of traditional cakes from all regions of Croatia.

Ukrainian: Corn on the cob.

Polish: Pierogi (Meat & Vegetarian options), Bigos, Kopytka (Polish Gnocchi) and Donuts.

French: French sweets and pastries.