Artists in 2017

Pako Festa will host over 60 groups performing across six stages on the day!

Here's a cross section of the artists appearing this year.


HKUD Lado Geelong

The Croatian Cultural Artistic Association, or HKUD Lado Geelong is celebrating its 45th year.

To preserve and maintain the culture and traditions of the Croatian people is the aim of the LADO group, comprised of junior, middle and senior dance groups, a traditional choir plus, a junior and senior traditional ‘Tambrica’ orchestra.

Lado prides itself on being part of the local, national and international Croatian communities and has toured and performed in Geelong and across Australia.

Lado has also toured Croatia and surrounding countries several times and they have recorded traditional Croatian songs and international Christmas Carols. These Cd’s will be available for purchase at the Croatian stand in West Park at Pako Festa.

2.25pm West Park Stage

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Serbian Youth group Branko Radicevic

Serbian Youth Dance Group 'Branko Radicevic'

The talented Serbian Folk Dancing group are dedicated to performance excellence, with some students starting to dance as young as three years of age.

Numbers are expanding every year, with dancers divided into three different age groups of young, intermediate and senior levels.

Their passion and commitment has seen the troupe develop a diverse repertoire that is a highly entertaining spectacle.

Don't miss these well- accomplished, delightful performers.

3.55pm West Park Stage


Lehenda Ukrainian Dance Company

Lehenda Ukrainian Dance Company is based in Melbourne, Australia and under the Artistic Direction of Melanie Moravski Dechnicz, the company aims to share their vibrant Ukrainian culture.

Dancers convey traditional stories and ancient legends through both classical folk dances and contemporary choreography. The dance becomes a narrative to express their past, present and future.

The audience discovers the folklore of ancient song and dance rituals of Vesnianky, the tragic tales of the Rusalky and Lybid, one of the legendary founders of Kyiv. Dancers share the spirit of discovery of renowned Ukrainian choreographers and artists that have preceded them.

Lehenda Ukrainian Dance Company is made up of over 40 dancers who perform with pride and passion, embodying the true soul of Ukrainian culture. The strength, beauty and grace of Ukrainian Cossack dancers is the embodiment of the spectacle and colour that is Ukrainian dance and their energy and spirit is contagious!

12.55pm Diversitat Stage


Greek dancing group

Greek Community School

The Greek Community School of Geelong has approximately 50 students divided into Junior School, Middle School and Senior levels. Based at Matthew Flinders Girls College, the school meets every Tuesday from 5-8pm to learn the Greek language, cultural studies and dance.Students learn dances originating from various regions of Greece and their colourful national costumes also serve to represent these regional dance origins from across Greece.

The school prides itself on having a broad multicultural appeal, a truly diverse Australian culture inclusive of families of Greek, Australian and Maori origins to name a few.

3.25pm West Park Stage



Andrea Robertson and Friends

Born and bred in Geelong, Andrea Robertson has been playing music and writing songs since her early teens. She draws from a strong background in music to compose breathtaking soulful-blues songs. Andrea blends contemporary rock with influences of yesteryear's music to create a performance that connects with audiences on many levels.

Andrea is accompanied by her husband David, on drums/percussion plus a rotating line of talented musicians. Performing regularly to large crowds, Andrea manages to craft an intimate experience that touches the audience on an individual level.

Her effortless vocals, fine musicianship and stunning arrangements of original songs, along with a selection of covers that Andrea makes her own, all add up to a performance that should not be missed.

1.00pm Petrel Hotel Stage



Cor Ten

Classic rock cover band Cor Ten formed in 2012 after a group of like minded musicians decided it was time to bring Classic Rock 'n Roll back to the Geelong live music scene.

With over 100 years of combined experience and an extensive playlist of classic favorite songs from the 60's till now, Cor Ten promise to get audiences rocking, with covers from artists including AC/DC, Creedence,The Baby Animals and Cold Chisel.

The Cor Ten line-up includes a male and female vocalist, two guitarists, a bass player and drummer for that classic rock vibe.

3.00 - 5.00pm Petrel Hotel Stage



Izzy Losi and the Auracles

Geelong singer/songwriter and pianist Izzy Losi was a recipient of the first Queenscliff Music Festival Scholarship in 2011. With this leg up, Izzy recorded ‘Outlast The Storm', released November 2012 (available on all good online music outlets). Izzy was the 2015 Vodafone 'The One' finalist, and the 2014 Melbourne Live Heat Winner of the 'Telstra Road to Discovery' music industry program.

Izzy Losi has performed at four consecutive Queenscliff Music Festivals since 2010, has been a mentee of Monique Brumby, and has shared the stage with the likes of Courtney Barnett, Mia Dyson, Clare Bowditch, HUSKY and Dean Geyer. She has been compared vocally and by lyrical content to Florence Welch, Tori Amos and Fiona Apple. A pianist of over 18 years, Izzy’s music draws from multiple styles; contemporary indie-folk, with hints of classical and soft pop-rock.

$5000 was crowdfunded to create Izzy's forthcoming release: ‘The Only Constant is Change’, expected early 2017. Izzy Losi and the Auracles, consisting of Izzy (vox and keys) Simon (bass) and Sean (drums) worked with Mark Leahy as producer (The Twoks) on this record. Most recently Izzy Losi and the Auracles won the 2016 Queenscliff Music Festival Busking Competition, earning themselves a spot on the 2017 line up.

2.00pm Petrel Hotel Stage



The Black Sistaz

The Black Sistaz are Lea, Rosa & Petra Rumwaropen, three West Papuan singers with a powerful message, standing strong for a free West Papua!

A fusion of reggae, soul and traditional Island rhythms are delivered in sweet sibling harmonies, backed by a five piece band. The trio's musical repertoire documents their experiences as one of the first West Papuan refugee families, now living a life of exile in Australia.

Influenced by the legendary West Papuan band - The Black Brothers and their late father, the lead singer and guitarist, The Black Sistaz honour his legacy and celebrate their cultural identity with the underlying themes of freedom and empowerment.

5.30 - 6.30pm Diversitat Stage




Melbourne Burundian Drummers

New to Pako Festa!
The Melbourne Burundian Drummers are a percussion ensemble from the tiny country of Burundi in Central Africa. They bring a rhythm, dance and performance that is unparalleled – ancient and compelling, rooted in a tradition of mystical belief, and as electrifyingly modern as any contemporary beat.

Their performances form part of many social ceremonies in Burundi, including

births, funerals, and coronations of mwami (Kings). Timeless and ageless, the rhythm of Burundi is a truly powerful, hypnotic and enthralling experience.

4.30pm West Park Stage


Te Arahina – Maori Culture Community of Geelong

Te Arahina are devoted to teaching and sharing their culture with their children and the wider community.

Bringing together cultural awareness and pride, they educate their children and develop their sense of identity through song, dance, language, history of myths and legends and heritage.

1.40pm West Park Stage



Sweet Mona's Choir

Sweet Mona is the choir's mythical bosomy matriarch, watching over the singers as they belt out some of the best gospel and world tunes ever heard.

1.30pm Geelong Cats Stage


Spanish Dancers

Andalucia Spanish Dancing Group

The Andalucian Dancing Group has had the privilege of performing at Pako Festa for the past 35 years and performing here remains one of the highlights of their year.

The group consist of three age groups, the younger group is aged between 4 – 8, the medium group is aged between 9 – 15 and the senior group ages range from 16 and above.

Andalucia would like to welcome anyone that wishes to learn the Flamenco Dance from beginners to Advance both adult & children.

This style of dance is beautiful and expressive that mixes both intricate hand and footwork that extend to wonderful arm and body movements.

12.45pm West Park Stage

Bosnian Lily

Bosancice - Bosnian Lily Dance Group

The Bosnian Lily-Geelong Association Inc was founded almost 10 years ago and is made up of several interest groups including traditional crafts and social groups ‘Bezistan' (Beh-zee-stun), a fishing group and a pensioners group. There are also two dance groups, a traditional folk dancing youth group ‘Bosancice' (bo-san-cheetze) and a children’s dance group 'Bonbonice' (bon-bon-ee-tze)’ both of which actively participate in local, state and interstate community events.

The aim of the association is to provide an opportunity for members to participate in various cultural, multi-cultural and sporting activities and to contribute to the great Australian cultural mosaic.

The current membership is predominantly people with a Bosnian background, but the association is open to those who enjoy friendship, laughter and like minded people gathering together.

With a large, well-established membership base, the association is open to sharing experiences and building friendships, welcoming anyone who values respect, freedom and cultural exchange in our great multicultural country.

2.20pm Diversitat Stage



Lewis Brothers

Street tap dancing is galvanised with an energetic industrial edge when the The Lewis Brothers hit the dance floor.

The Geelong based siblings and tap dancers love entertaining audiences with their own brand of gritty, industrial inspired Tap dancing, performed A Capella style.

The local Infinite Dance Studio dance students have been honing their skills busking around Geelong and their fast-paced street style routines are energetic, contemporary and highly entertaining.

Don’t be surprised if they beckon you to join them in an impromptu set of ‘Industrial Tap' on the streets during Pako Festa.

3.00pm Geelong Cats Stage



Fun Arts

Check out Fun Arts and their Roving Entertainment along the Street.

No Bull ! All Boogie!

Genetically modified Cows with attitude!

The music is exciting & highly energetic, drawing on a range of styles.

Let Flambé Chef tantalize you with his unique spicy blend of kitchen skills. There will be mouth scorching fire eating, toss juggling of an exotic coconut, a tangy lemon and a razor sharp carving knife, all done whilst balancing on a giant egg beater (otherwise known as a uni-cycle), plus contortion with cups and saucers, and delicate percussion on various cooking implements.

Lithuanian Dance

Linas - Geelong Lithuanian Dance Group

Geelong’s Lithuanian Linas dance group have participated in every Pako Festa parade since its inception, performing their traditional dances with an ensemble of dancers ranging in age from pre-school children to seniors.

Their repertoire features lively village style dances of both classic and modern choreography.

Linas are delighted to showcase their ancient, rich culture to Geelong and the wider Australian community through their colourful folk-dance performances.

1.55pm Diversitat Stage

Filipino Dance Group

Filipino Dance Group

The Filipino Dance Group is part of the Filipino Social Club of Geelong Inc. formed in 1982. Their dance group currently comprises ten active members who have been busy preparing their 'Bulaklakan' cultural dance for the Pako Festa 2017 parade and stage performance.

The club will celebrate their 35th anniversary this June, so the dance group has a very busy schedule of performances for the year ahead.

The group enjoy the opportunity to perform their cultural dances within our region, so they welcome invitations to participate in additional community events.

For a taste of Filipino cuisine, be sure to check out their food stall on Pakington Street at Pako Festa!

3.10pm West Park Stage

Greek Connection

The Greek Connection

The Greek Connection is a trio of performers, Ilias Maniatakis, John Hughson and Sue Buchan.

Ilias was born in Crete and has lived in Australia for the last 10 years. He is an accomplished bouzouki player and singer.

John Hughson has a Greek mother and an Australian father, hence the interest in Greek music. He plays acoustic rhythm guitar and Sue Buchan is a music teacher and a multi-instrumentalist. As a member of The Greek Connection, Sue focuses on piano accordion.

The Greek Connection have been performing traditional Greek music together for the last 18 months. They have some music clips on You Tube. They can also be contacted through the Geelong Folk Music Club.

3.40pm West Park Stage



Geelong Bollywood Dance Group

The Geelong Bollywood dance Group offers Bollywood dance performances and workshops at private special events. They also have regular Bollywood dance classes and offer private Bollywood dance lessons.

Their entertaining dance performances combine traditional and contemporary choreography with colourful, glamorous costumes.

4.10pm West Park Stage



La Cumbiamba and Cumbiambita Colombian Folk Dance

La Cumbiamba and La Cumbiambita is a Colombian folkloric dance group that aims to share the richness of Colombian culture through their traditional dances and the accompanying music.

Performances are vibrant, energetic and colourful and the dancer's repertoire includes rhythms originating from the Atlantic Coast, The Pacific Coast, Andes Region and The Amazonas of Colombia.

1.00pm Geelong Cats Stage



Geelong Harmony Chorus

This ensemble of female A cappella singers (singing unaccompanied by instruments) have been regularly competing and performing at events across Geelong and region for 24 years.

The highly accomplished choir have also toured and performed at interstate and overseas events, further developing their artistic skills.

Around 30 Geelong women make up the choir of enthusiastic, passionate performers, singing beautiful, complex four-part harmonies popularised in movies like Pitch Perfect.

12.15pm Diversitat Stage


High Voltage School of Rock

High Voltage Rock School

High Voltage Rock School is a performance based program that caters for children aged between 5 years and 18 years of age.

Three bands will be performing at the Family Entertainment Precinct between 1.00 - 3pm. They are from Montpellier Primary School, Freshwater Creek Steiner School and South Geelong Primary School plus, a there will be host of new HVRS rockers from Geelong.

From absolute beginners to all out rock stars, HVRS cater for all ability levels. If your child has the urge to rock, then they are a perfect candidate. They place kids in bands, teach them the songs they want to learn, create songs and put on gigs. Bands at High Voltage Rock School even get the chance to record.
Their weekly classes are a great way for kids to learn to play their instrument, meet new people and to have a blast doing so. Classes are now running in Geelong, for more info or to enrol your child, please visit the website or, contact Danniel Smith at

1.00 - 2.30pm Family Entertainment Precinct



Geelong Harmony Chorus

Geelong Harmony Chorus is made up of a group of around thirty women who love to sing four part harmony. Members travel from around Geelong, the Bellarine, the Surf Coast and even as far as Ballarat and Melbourne to attend weekly rehearsals with the award winning Musical Director Alex Moris.

Rehearsals are great fun and Geelong Harmony work hard to improve their singing skills. Geelong Harmony sing at the Sweet Adelines Chorus Competition once a year, along with Choruses from around Australia, and they also love performing regularly around Geelong throughout the year.

The group are on the lookout for future members, so please talk to one of our singers if you are interested, or check out the Geelong Harmony Facebook page.

12.15pm Diversitat Stage