Pako Festa annually showcases an incredible selection of foods from all around the world.

If you haven’t tried some of these foreign cuisines before – now is your chance to dine like you’re on a world trip. And for those with more conservative taste, or for the children – you’ll find plenty of options from hot potatoes to salads, slices, pies and pastries.

From the international kitchen, we are pleased to present fresh and fabulous cuisine from our local diverse communities including Greek souvlaki, Russian pancakes, Japanese Yakitori Chicken, Filipino skewers, and traditional Croatian pastries.

Visit the local diverse community stalls to sample the cultural delights available and to collect a free recipe card for all participating communities, pick up an event program on the day to locate your favourite stall.

WATHAURONG CO-OP: BBQ bush tucker, sweets and Iced Lemon Myrtle Tea.


NEPALESE: Fried or Steamed Chicken/Veg/Chilli Momo and Curry Rice

JAPANESE: Traditional Snow Cones and charcoal grilled Yakitori Chicken Skewers

IRANIAN: Chicken, Lamb and Beef Kebabs

RUSSIAN:  Piroshki (potato and meat), Golubtsi (cabbage rolls) Pelemeni (meat dumplings) and cakes.

FILIPINO: Popular “Inihaw” (Pork skewers) are back for the 38th year at Pako Festa.

INDONESIAN: Rendang, Chicken Curry, Cap cay (vegetarian stir Fry), Curry Puffs and Chicken Satay.

MACEDONIAN: Kebapi: Mincemeat skinless sausages, Cabbage salad, Pastries: Cheese and Spinach, plus a selection of Traditional Macedonian Sweets.

CROATIAN: Chevapi Rolls, Raznjici Roll (diced pork with herbs and spices), Cabbage Rolls and a selection of Traditional Cakes and Sweet Pancakes.

GREEK: Lamb Souvlaki and a selection of traditional sweets.

SPANISH: Traditional Chorizo (sausage in bread) and Churros

SERBIAN YOUTH: Homemade Pastries filled with cheese, meat & onion and a sweet version with cherries. Cevapi & kransky in bread rolls. Cabbage rolls filled with meat stuffing. And a range of sweets.

SERBIAN PARISH: Cevape – spicy skinless sausages

BOSNIAN: Ćevapi – Skinless sausages and Pita – Pie with either meat, cheese or, cheese and spinach.

UKRAINIAN: Varenyky (potato dumplings)

LAO THAI: Spring Rolls, Curry Puffs, Fried Chicken Wings, Paw Paw and Carrot Salad and Sticky Rice

POLISH: Pierogi (Meat & Vegetarian options), Cabbage rolls and jam filled Donuts.

FRENCH: French sweets including Madeleines.


Local popular Pakington street food outlets will also be open to tantalise your taste buds, including 63 Degrees, Two Sugars, The Village Door, Pizza Bar, Boss burger, 7 Origins, Enzo’s On Pako, Tempting Tastes, Kebab G and Nordenfine Ice Cream, Baah Lah Café, and Lil’Dumpling at the Green Room Chill Out Zone just to name a few.

Other food stalls/trucks along Pakington Street:  German BBQ – Chargrilled Gourmet Sausages, Spanish Gourmet Caterers, Twistto, Wagners Fine Foods, Churros Yummy Donuts, European Barbeque Catering, Healthy Slushies, Mr Pro Whipp ,OMG Decadent Donuts – Geelong, Pavlova Hearts, Shumei’s Dumpling Co Pty Ltd, Mr Whizzy Gelati, Taste of Tibet, Tasty Suya African BBQ,Silver Spoon, The Happy Mexican, Colombiantojos, Fatto in Casa, Chill Bro! Paletas,, Chooh La La!!!, Coffee A La Cart, Pucker Powder & Yum Yums Licorice, The Shack, Dlightful Turkish Delight, Opa Greek Street Food