A True Community Event 2015

A True Community Event Encapsulating the very essence of our nation – diversity, dynamism and colorfulness, and above all else cooperation, community inter-connectedness, creativity and the promotion of our humanity – Pako Festa sends a strong message in these troubled times in which we live: our preparedness to interact with, work with and treat each other with dignity and respect demolishes the walls of division and conflicts; bringing everyone together in a spirit of understanding, acceptance and celebration of life itself.

Pako Festa has always been an opportunity for communities to come together and show their support of each other and after 33 years, we thank members of the following communities who haven’t missed a year of the fun - Croatia, Holland, the Philippines, Greece, Germany, Scotland, Poland, Lithuania, China, Italy, Spain, Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia, Wales and Ukraine.



For more information contact:
Luisa La Fornara, Arts & Events Manager, Diversitat Ph: 5221 6044
Email: luisa.lafornara@diversitat.org.au

Pako Festa prides itself as being a free event; it is also “access friendly” allowing people of all abilities to share the enriching experience of multiculturalism. All you need to enjoy Pako Festa is a happy heart and an open mind.