Artists 2015

Geelong Indonesian Community

The group will present two dances. The first depicts a group of swamp birds (Manu=bird, Rawa= swamp) from the “Wana Parwa” story of the Indian epic Mahabarata. The second performance, Tari Merak (Peafowl Dance), is a female dance inspired by the movements of a peafowl and its feathers displayed in classical movements . The Tari Merak symbolises the beauty of nature in the island of West Java, Indonesia. The beauty of the island is so famous that there is a well known saying in Indonesia “God creates the West Java island when he smiles”.

Mezei Virag Hungarian Dance Group

Mezei Virag Hungarian dance Group will present a cultural event called, ‘Evening in the Spinning Room’. Years ago women, mothers and young girls would get together to do their spinning of yarns and embroider their many colourful outfits. This would be a quiet night, but occasionally interrupted by the menand boys from the village. They would play games and cheeky demonstrations to get the attention of the women.

Biser - Macedonian Dance Group

The Macedonian Community of Geelong entry consists of members of the folk dancing youth group BISER and other community members in a range of regional costumes. From region to region, costumes vary greatly in colour, design and accessories. These costumes were worn for ceremonial or festive occasions.


Lithuanian Dancers

This year Pako Festa welcomes 20 of Geelong's Lithuanian Dancers who last December took part in the biannual National Lithuanian FolkDance Festival .The children, some as young as four years of age, will show us some traditional items based on Lithuanian children's nursery rhymes, including the boy's "angry goat" dance. Adult performers will follow with some lively village numbers.


Croatian Community- H.K.UD. “LADO” Geelong

Throughout its 39-year history, LADO Geelong has played an integral role in showcasing and promoting the rich and proud Croatian culture through music, song and dance. The group has been involved in a range of multicultural events including Spirit of the World and Musical Mornings, and has hosted a Christmas Concert at St Patricks Cathedral


Te Arahina Geelong Maori Community

Te Arahina – Geelongs only Maori Community has come together to sing some of their old and new songs, chosen by the children.

Rodyna Ensemble

Rodyna Ensemble is a Ukrainian singing group based in Melbourne whose repertoire is mainly of Ukrainian traditional songs. Rodyna also performs traditional musical pieces from Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia Herzegovina as well as a range of English songs.

Manmohini Indian Dance School

Manmohini Indian Dance School is presenting traditional Indian culture through Indian Classical Kathak Dance Style. This dance form finds it’s roots thousands of years back in ancient India.
Manmohini Indian Dance School is proud and passionate about Kathak Dance and would like to spread their love towards this artform into the multicultural community.


Pako Festa prides itself as being a free event; it is also “access friendly” allowing people of all abilities to share the enriching experience of multiculturalism. All you need to enjoy Pako Festa is a happy heart and an open mind.